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Sri Kalka Maa Dharmaarth Trust

We're for spiritual services & social causes

The main objective of the trust is doing spiritual work. Under the guidanance of honourable Sudha Maa, during kumbh we organised complete system (Fooding, Accommodation, Hawan Kund, & Other Spiritual help) for all indian & Internation devotee. We are also doing Mata Rani Bhandara in entire India. We also Provides complete health facility at free of cost through organising several health camps.

Sri Kalka Maa Dharmaarth Trust was founded drawing inspiration by Sri Maa Kalka (Kalkaji Temple). Situated in the heart of the capital city Delhi, Kalkaji Temple holds colossal significance for devotees all over the globe. One of the most famous Temples of the Divine Goddess, Kalkaji Temple is an ancient and highly revered Sidhpeethas of the country. With its rich mythological significance, Kalkaji Temple is abode of the Divine Goddess “Kalka” or “Kali”, who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The Temple is situated atop a small hill, and is visited in huge numbers by devotees 365 days a year from all nooks and corners of the world.

During the festive season of Navratris, the Holy Temple is thronged by countless devotees from all nooks and corners of the country. Since time immemorial, Kalkaji Temple has been a beacon of faith and fulfilment for countless of devotees from all over the world. It’s a sight to behold the dazzling light diyas adorning the temple that add to the overall divine ambience. The enchanting “Jaikaras” in praise of the Goddess make the experience all the more memorable. The ritualistic (Puja Archana) is performed on a monthly basis by different families on a turn to turn basis by a total of 400 plus strong family of Brahmins. There are four clans of Thulas namely Thula Tansukh, Thula Bahadur, Thula Rambaksh and Thula Jasram in addition to one clan of Jogis or Mahant. Besides the numerous Dharamshalas in and around the Temple compound, there are plenty of shops offering items and accessories for performing rituals. In the vicinity of Kalkaji Temple, there are two other prominent religious landmarks namely the Isckon Temple and the Lotus Temple. Owing to the existence of the three momentous places of worship, the area was aptly named “Ashtha Kunj”. The presence of an ornamental and a well maintained park adds everlasting glory to the entire area.

Sharing more on the history of Kalkaji Temple, President of “Shri Kalka Maa Dharmarth Trust” Sudha Bhardwaj shares, “The Kalkaji Temple is thronged by countless devotees round the year. Appeased with their ardent devotion, Goddess Kalka granted the victory boon to the Pandavas here, consequent to which they were successful in defeating the Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata war. Kalkaji Temple with its mythological significance follows various rituals in a day such as the “Mata Snanam” with Milk and Gangajal ensued by morning and evening Aarti. It’s a lifetime moment to witness the “Sajja Ritual” that happens to be the final ritual for the day when Divine Mother goes off to her slumber in the night. During the Sajja Ritual, devotees sing mellifluous hymns. Folklore is replete with numerous tales of Kalkaji Temple. There’s a great deal of relevance attached to devotees observing a continuous 40 day (Chalia ritual) in the holy premises of this Temple. It is a belief that those who are able to devotionally perform the 40 day Chalia ritual in sync with the customs of the Temple are rewarded by Goddess Kalka with their long treasured wishes. Unlike temples that remain closed during events like lunar and the solar eclipse, the doors of Kalkaji Temple remains forever open for the devotees round the year sans any restriction. However with the imposition of the lockdown owing to the outbreak of corona pandemic, the temple entry was curtailed for the devotees as was the case with all other religious institutions across the length and breadth of the country. Devotees organize Bhandaras within the holy precincts of the Temple on a regular basis. The Temple wears a vibrant festive look during the auspicious Navratri period twice a year. In the wake of the recent terror attacks, security in and around the temple complex has been strengthened alongside the installation of CCTV’s for keeping a round the clock vigil for averting any sort of any untoward eventuality.”



में चाहती हू की एक वृद्घाआश्रम बने ओर एक अनाथ आश्रम बने ताकि अनाथ बच्चों को माँ बाप व बुजुर्ग माँ बाप को बच्चे मिलेंगे ओर दोनो के मिलने से एक नए परिवार का जन्म होगा

Provides heath awareness program to prevent lot of chronic diseases

Other Activities in Project we organize awareness Activities also because mostly a lot of chronic diseases occur due to non awareness.

*Health & Hygiene Awareness Program

Provides complete spiritual help through Kumbh & other Mata Rani bhandara

We organise free camps for all divotee in spiritual function where we provide Fooding, Hawan Kund, Accommodation & Other Spiritual help.


We also are woking for women empowerment

We are providing employment to needy & widow women.We are also promoted woman home based work so that she can earn.


Benefit Benefit
Mission to make a smile

सुधा माँ अनाथालय के निर्माण के अलावा अपना संपूर्ण जीवन माँ की श्री चरणों में और इस परिवार की सेवा में गुजारना चाहती हैं.. क्योंकि उनका मानना है की अपने लिए तो सभी जीते हैं दुसरो के लिए जीने का मजा कुछ और ही है..
सुधा माँ नीचे दिए गए समाजसेवी कार्यों को करके समाज की सेवा करती हैं

Spiritual Program

Fooding, Accommodation, Hawan Kund & Other Spiritual Help in Kumbh & Other Bhandara

Medical facilities

We Oganised Free Medical Camps So That People Can Take Free Treatment With Required Medicines

Women Empowerment

We Help Poor, Needy & Widow Women By Giving Them Employment (Self & Job)

Family Counselling

Sudha Maa Provides Free Counselling While There Is Dispute In Family