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We organize awareness activities because mostly a lot of chronic diseases occur due to non awareness of health specially in rural areas of Delhi-NCR.

Indian health system is yet to be evolved as in the western world. The people in rural part of the country and urban slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions. The Trust play a critical role in solving this health crisis in the country by two pronged approach –
Create enough awareness among people on the need for hygiene and safety and
Support the poor with simple and complicated free medical services.
The Trust partner with leading hospitals, government run hospitals and institutions with primary healthcare facilities and services.
The following are the wonderful services which the Trust in Delhi offers to the needy -
Offer medical consultation to old age people at the doorsteps.
Supplying of spectacles to old age people and the needy post testing their problem.
Treatment to undertake emergency operations for those who are unprivileged and disadvantaged.
With support from partner organizations and hospitals services such as medical treatment and regular medications are provided at free of cost.
In COVID situation, poor people are provided with preventive care kits and measures such as soaps, sanitizers, masks and immunity boosters.
Taking health care to remote and needy people is the need of the hour. You can support online for medical of poor people in India and your contribution will definitely change numerous lives. Health fairness can only be comprehended if vulnerable segments of the society get access to excellence and reasonable health care.

We Provide Health Camps For :

  • Safe Delivery Treatment
  • Chicken Pox Treatment
  • Measeals Treatment
  • Swine flu Treatment
  • Dengue Treatment
  • Chickengunia Treatment
  • Hepatitis B Treatment
  • Anti Titnes Treatment
  • Harpies Treatment
  • Diphtheria Treatment
  • Malaria Treatment
  • Child Disease Treatment
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Homoeopathic Vaccination